PIECE TITLE – Corruption Masks Insecurities

PIECE TITLE – Corruption masks insecurities
Vote buying, illegal financing, influence peddling, nepotism, bribery now seem like a part and parcel of our life. Committed by the extra and borne by the ordinary is a regular thing now. But what if it is all in the mind? What if it is the people that corrupt power and not the power that corrupts people?
• We all are born with an inherent greed and stimulated

•The impulse to satisfy greed and the need to conceal insecurity makes us jump the bandwagon of corruption too.

• Be it sycophancy of a 16 year old or fraudulency by a minister, the only difference here is about the expression, in private or in public.
Cognitive psychology dwells on the simple concept of “unhappiness” and how it leads us to choose the unauthentic way when all the authentic ones fail to answer. Corruption Perception Index ranks INDIA at 80 out of 180, 180th position being the most corrupt, forcing all of us to soul search and rethink what is actually begetting corruption.

PIECE TITLE – Institution of Ideas
Imagine your mind as a townhall and your ideas as a democracy. Accordingly, every decision you make has to go through the process of voting.
• The authentic ideas shall always receive a positive vote but the question that resurfaces time and again is “What happens to the unauthentic ones?”

• Here the intrinsic battle begins, the battle to choose between self interest or common good. Your sound mind shall always act as a veto, the negative vote. But this is only until your id, the unconscious force overpowers your conscious veto decision. It leads you to satisfy your devoids and deficiencies, masking your insecurities.
So the next time you face this conflict of ideas, keep in mind the motivation behind your action, the intention behind your decision.

PIECE TITLE – Intention & Resolution
The intention before your action decides the nature of your decision, authentic or inauthentic. The resolution after your action decides your human nature, corrupt or not. So to think before you act becomes as vital as to think after you act.

A pure intention and a mindful evaluation is all what you need to uncorrupt your mind or to save it from being corrupt.


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